Two artists who love to create and make people smile thru their designs. We collaborate and generate our own projects, creating art work and stationary that can be purchased while also taking on limited client work. 

Who We Are

Like most stories, this begins with Hello Kitty.


I'll never forget my 10th birthday party out in the park by the swimming pool when Natalie Merritt, my best friend/neighbor/fellow video game enthusiast gave me my first Hello Kitty pink lunchbox containing, a hairbrush, a cute notebook, and some kero kero keropi erasers. I'm pretty sure there were some awesome pens in there too.


Fast forward a handful of years (ok, ok maybe more)


I moved to Tokyo because I couldn't find pens that wrote in a point 3 (at the time, now it's point 4) in the United States (just kidding – I went there to teach English – but the rest is true), I decided that it was my life's dream to have my own line of office supplies - starting with stationery.


I moved to New York to grab a degree in Graphic Designs at Parsons (which, I'm still paying for unfortunately), and the rest is history.

Nina Choi

Artist and Illustrator, jack of some trades master of others. Colombian born, Miami raised and world traveler, I collect memories and feelings. I create when the spirit flows thru or when a client inspires me. 

Danna Abdala